We Specialised in
Cattle Tag
Container Seal/ Bolt Seal
Truck/Tarpaulin Seal
Tanker Seal
Courier/Post Bag Seal
Cash Bag Seals
ATM Casset Seal
Electric Meter Seal
Food/Bar Trolley Seal
Metal Band Seal
Pull Tight Seal
Drum Seal
Strap Seal
Baggage Seal

Technical Data
Housing : PC
Wrie : SS
Tensile Strength (loop)
Approx : 210N
laser marked on both body and plunger
Full transparent
Customer name/logo
Directly laser marked
1000 pieces per box

Product Features and Benefits

Transparent body to enable visibility of any tampering

Three Anchor for strong holding of the parts
Thin wire of 0.9 mm suitable to enter into small holes
Wire length can be variable
Serial number laser marked on both body and plunge increase security levels
Barcode should be possible
Serial no. on plunger encapsulated inside the body hence no chance to erode this
Wire attached to seal hence easy to handle
No pliers or tools required to close the sew
Big surface area enables no grips available for opening seal the parts are totally encapsulated within each at making it difficult to tamper
Possible to use a strong wire of SS in applications w more strength is required
How to Use