We Specialised in
Cattle Tag
Container Seal/ Bolt Seal
Truck/Tarpaulin Seal
Tanker Seal
Courier/Post Bag Seal
Cash Bag Seals
ATM Casset Seal
Electric Meter Seal
Food/Bar Trolley Seal
Metal Band Seal
Pull Tight Seal
Drum Seal
Strap Seal
Baggage Seal

Technical Data
Bolt : Steel Yellow Zinc Plating
Body and spring : Steel Yellow Zinc Plating
Coating : plastic (PS)
Tensile Strength (loop)
Approx. : 10'000 N
Impact :40.68 J
Directly laser marked, 7 digits
Yellow, grey, light blue, green, white other Colours available on request
Customer name/logo
Directly laser marked in standered font
20 pieces per carton, 200 seals per box

Product Features and Benefits

Interlocking petals when closed provided evidence of attempted tampering by spinning.

Patented profile increases security level
Solid steel bolt prevent opportunistic theft
Steel locking body increases security level
Pulling force 1000 kg minimum prevents opportunistic theft
Customer name / logo for clear identification
laser engraved numbering - impossible to change, increases security level
Numbers on bolt and body prevents substitution of component parts.
Spine bloc 80 fulfills all requirements for high Security seal accourding to the standerd ISO/PAS 17712:2006
How to Use
Remove with bolt cutters.Eye protection is recommended