We Specialised in
Cattle Tag
Container Seal/ Bolt Seal
Truck/Tarpaulin Seal
Tanker Seal
Courier/Post Bag Seal
Cash Bag Seals
ATM Casset Seal
Electric Meter Seal
Food/Bar Trolley Seal
Metal Band Seal
Pull Tight Seal
Drum Seal
Strap Seal
Baggage Seal

Technical Data
Bolt : Steel Yellow Zinc Plating
Body : Plastic(PS)
Spring : Steel
Tensile Strength (loop)
Minimum : 10000 N
Directly laser marked, 7 digits
light blue, green, yellow,grey, white,other Colours available on request
Customer name/logo
Directly laser marked in standard font
20 pieces per carton, 200 seals per box

Product Features and Benefits

Interlocking anti-spin mechanism when closed provides evidence attempted tampering by spinning

Pull apart force 1000 kg minimum prevents opportunistic theft
loser numbering - impossible to change, increases security level
Numbers on bolt and body prevents substitution of component parts Customer name/logo for clear identification
How to Use
Remove with bolt cutters.Eye protection is recommended